Herpes (Lip – Cold Sores)


Cold sores are usually small blisters that appear around the mouth and the nostrils. Usually occurs at the end of a cold. It spreads mostly by a kiss and is much more common among adolescents. Foremost sign of tingling sensation is the formation of blisters, which is very painful and strongly itchy. After a few days, the blisters begin to dry, eventually heal. Although disturbing and ugly visuals, cold sores are not a serious problem. However, once a person catches it, the herpes virus becomes dormant in its body and may become a recurring problem, causing repeated discomfort. Cold sores caused by a virus called Herpes simplex against which most people have natural immunity, allowing them to hold control over the body. Susceptible individuals certain triggering factors, such as colds or sore throats, can cause a flare. Extreme weather conditions, such as cold or excessive sunshine may also cause a renewed reaction. It is known that some families are more susceptible to cold sores (i.e., there is a certain degree of genetic predisposition for the frequently renewed herpes).

Symptoms of Cold Sores

  • Itchy, tingling sensation
  • Tiny blisters around the lips, or on the lips, on the inner surface of the mouth, around the nostrils and sometimes in other areas of the face
  • Blisters filled with yellowish fluid that causes burning sensation and itching, and they eventually break up
  • The affected area is sensitive and hurts
  • Fatigue

Purpose of the treatment

The removal of the virus from the body is not possible, and if the blisters have been developed, no treatment could cause the process to continue. At the same time, there are methods for alleviating symptoms, and to avoid the development of cold sores, thus reducing the need for antibiotic demand.

Traditional / Western Healing


It lasts an average of 4-6 days until cold sores grow, but in this process, it can take 26 days. The healing lasts 1-6 weeks. After the first infection, the virus is wandering along a sentient nerve and remains hidden as long as will not be activated again. Treatment is primarily the key to familiarising them with the factors which, in this case, induce cold sores and that develop methods to prevent flare-ups.

Dietary Supplements

Studies have shown that high amounts of vitamin C (7 days daily to 500 mg) or zinc (daily 10-15 mg) can be effective. Zinc is also available without a prescription, in the form of lip balms and ointments. These should be used when the first sign indicating the onset of cold sores is displayed, or when we wish to reduce the likelihood of salvation in sunny and windy times. Food supplements or the consumption of poor foods (found in vegetables, beans, fish, turkey and chicken meat), in arginine (found in chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds, cashew and sunflower seeds) facilitate the prevention of innovations.


To treat serious cases, acyclovir or famciclovir, these are used to spread the virus, so medicine is needed when the first sign of cold-herpes appears. When cold sores are renewed, they apply the same medication; only their dosage frequency is smaller. They need prevention for those with cold sores more than six times in a year or whose symptoms are very severe. In this case, the same medications are used, only half the doses. If a cold sore is so densely reacted, it is useful to trace the problem of diet, stress or immunity in the background and act accordingly.

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Watermelon Refrigerating powder (the ingredients: watermelons, crystalline Glauber salt): To reduce the size of the file, it is possible to apply this preparation to the cooling effect and to assist in the recovery of the bladder. Using the mouth, you do not have to worry if you may be swallowed because the preparation is harmless.

If the herinic vesicles are overinfected, they must be taken three times a day or three days by the different instructions. (Pilula: Medicated bullet or Labdacs.)

Herbal tea: 3 g of wine, 5 g painter, Csülleng leaves, 5 grams of Arnebia euchroma or Gutta root or 5 G of Pearls (Lithospermum erythrorhizon; all three species are known as Cao to the Chinese system), and 2 G raw sweet root (Glycyrrhiza glabra , Gan Cao) teapots exposed, two to three glasses of boiling water, pouring the mixture to be allowed to soak for 5 minutes and then filtered.

The milk must be consumed three to four times a day. The abovementioned tea mixture can be re-extracted with the same method 2-3 times. When a cold sore is active, it is recommended to consume this tea daily, but only in the acute-active phase of herpes free use!


Every treatment must be at least half an hour. For acute conditions, twice a week treatment is preferable to a weekly one; However, patients with a cold sore (in a continuous recurring fashion) may need preventative treatment. In the case of cold sores that are currently dormant, an acupuncture treatment can prevent the renewal.


Exercise pressure on the Jia Che points, which are located at the fastening of the jaw muscles to the jaw. When the dentures are clenched, how these muscles pump goes up significantly. When the mouth is open, the jaw on each side of the head, above the diagonal indentation is created. Although possible to be placed in each of the fingers, and then pressure and providing one after defrosting should be repeated 10 times, mild the power to change the pressure medium. The Hegu points that the index and the thumbs were to be found among the thumb pressure and remission exercise ten times. Both acute and chronic cold sores, once or twice daily to such points this pressure treatment.


Avoid acid, sweet and fatty foods, we often with the cold sore. Also avoid beef, oranges, baked fries, shrimp, and cheese. When possible, consume green vegetables and fruits. The radishes, celery, cabbage, Greek-Melon, and tofu help a cold sore to heal.

Natural medicine


Consume plenty of vegetables, legumes, fish, chicken, meat (preferably pasture-raised animals kept those green or feed) and potatoes, as well as to consume beer yeast (1 teaspoon twice a day), because they are rich in the amino acid lysine and content, to prevent the spread of herpes. Tissue healing-enhancing foods such as cold water fish consumption is also recommended. Avoid the foods that are rich in arginine aminosavban, for example, chocolate, seeds, almonds, peanuts, gelatin, locust beans and raisins because they stimulate the growth of the herpes virus.

Dietary Supplements

Take the patient three times a day between meals 2000 mg of lysine for cold sores on the prevention of the spread of. It is enough to take 500 mg twice a day to prevent the cold sore. Together with bioflavonoids, vitamin C enhances the immune system and reduces the duration of the infected status. Recommended 1000 mg of vitamin C and 500 mg to 10 mg per day, and so concentrated zinc picolinate salt the virus reproduction.


Lomatium dissectum product produced from the immunity-enhancing and antiviral properties. Consume 500 mg three times a day. Cold sores, obtain the herbal shops or Epavir Herpesil gel capsules and teas after cooking you can use pureed.


Select one of the following homeopathic remedies that best covers symptoms, to accelerate the healing process is a natural, gentle and effective manner. Among the products there that as a result of over-exposure to the Sun, or in the case of a herpes colds after telling. If the cold sores appear periodically, again and again, consult your doctor, who will then propose a treatment that strengthens the body’s immune system.

Calendula officinalis: If the cold sores on the lips or in the corner of the mouth, calendula cream o-rings to lessen the pain, tingling sensation and itching. The Calendula cream is excellent for the skin and affects the natural antiseptic.

Sodium muriaticum: the best cold sore treatment. The stinging and numbness in closing. Both are caused by the Sun, and the case provoked strong cold sore. In such cases, the affected areas are mainly in the area around the lips and mouth. Characterized by dryness of the lips, sensitivity and rupture.

Sepia officinalis: the perfect solution for the corner of the lips and mouth Herpes treatment. The lower lip is often stiffness, dries up, or ruptures. Typical symptoms even with the patient’s general condition of the mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.

Rhus toxicodendron: characteristic corner of the mouth crack and lips is drying up. The affected areas, especially in the mouth and the lips, cold sores typically begins with the advent of a bladder. Interestingly, the left side of the face is always covered, or noticeably from left to right the symptoms. The symptoms worsen and cold at the same time, the need for the movement of the lips. Use the gain if the cold sores cold or exhaustion occurred.

Phosphorus: the upper lip above the candidate’s problem, it’s the best solution. Typically, that involves crossing the cold sore pain and scars appear on the lips, which are the smallest external influences may also bleed; the symptoms worsen and touch, but cold water compresses will cause.

Arsenicum album: the burning cold sore remedy. Typical of this is the State that patients with irritable and nervous.


Echinacea: Echinacea species used for medicine (Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea pallida, Echinacea Angustifolia) to enhance the operation of individual cells of the immune system-the body’s immune system, thereby increasing. The plant extracts containing creams are to be treated several times a day on the affected area. The most effective treatment, if at the beginning of the emergence of herpes, itching occurs, begin to apply.

Aloe vera plant: the New York Times from a variety of dermatological purposes can be a gel, so symptomatic herpes treatment can also be used. You can speed up the treatment of cold sores healing.

Lemon balm: lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) extract of the antiviral effect, therefore, good results can be used to help speed up the healing of herpes treatment. The lemongrass with cream or solution should soak daily 2-3 time the affected area. The most effective treatment, if at the beginning of the emergence of a cold sore start.

Sage: the Sage (Salvia officinalis) active substances inhibit the growth of herpeszvírusok, so the plant preparations containing extracts of locally applied to accelerate the healing of cold sores.

Tea tree: the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil is an antiviral effect. The treatment of concentrated or diluted essential oil must be done locally, some cseppjével bedörzsölve in the affected area. If redness occurs, treatment should be discontinued or dilute (neutral oil, such as soy or almond oil diluted) with essential oils.

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